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Rebuilding Salvage Title

Rebuild your SALVAGE title!

Have a Salvage Title you need to get registered? Salvage titles cannot be registered and can only be rebuilt by a license Rebuilder. Worry no more! Jose’s Auto Repairs is an Illinois Licensed Rebuilder/Repairer. Helping Dealers, Wholesalers, and YOU to legally register and plate Rebuilt/ Salvage vehicles. Call today 847-877-1873 or stop by for a Free Consultation. 1081 SKOKIE HIGHWAY GURNEE IL 60031

Our location also offers a Full Service Body Shop including Towing, Frame Straightener & Paint Mixer to ensure Paint Quality Precision. We work on all makes & models as well as most insurance companies.

Bring in an estimate from a Certified Body Shop and we will give you 10% discount on that estimate.

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